Laser Quest Coventry


Our arena here at Laser Quest is made up of many twists and turns depicting a maze, with many passages and places to hide. The 2nd level of the arena can be accessed by using any of the ramps. Lighting is provided by numerous UV’s so dark clothing is advisable.


The Laser Quest packs are state of the art and contain various sensors for you to aim for during game play. All sensors are highlighted by the flashing led’s which in turn reflect on the type of game you are playing. Each time a sensor is hit, the pack automatically shuts down for a few seconds to allow you to escape to another location before you reactivate. Each hit received is stored within the equipment which in turn is downloaded into the computer at the end of the game, to provide everyone with an individual score sheet.


Each time the trigger is squeezed, a red laser beam is omitted which is used as a targeting guide in order to help you gain points in each game. The lasers used in this game are completely harmless as they are no more powerful than theĀ infra-redĀ beam that comes out of your television remote control unit.

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