Welcome to Laser Quest Coventry

Enter the futuristic world of Laser Quest, a game that almost seems like the real thing. At our award-winning site you must do battle as a team or as an individual to accomplish your mission and become the victor. Laser Quest will challenge your skills, tactics, fitness and is available for ages 7 upwards. Be prepared for the ultimate Laser Tag experience taking you to a new generation of sport and fun.

(Please note – SUNDAY’S until 5pm are reserved for CHILDREN’S parties)

Players are equipped with the latest & state of the art laser equipment, each game is played across 2 levels in a uniquely built sci-fi battle zone filled with Mazes, Ramps, UV lighting effects, fog whilst playing to fun pumping music.

(Junior Commando’s – UNDER 16’s only)

Each game can hold up to 40 players lasting up to 20 minutes, each session includes the equipment brief and safety talk by a member of staff. At the end of your game scores will be displayed on the score monitor with printed scorecards handed out for you to keep.